Thursday, August 13, 2009

Google Reader's "Send to" Feature

Google Reader's "Send to" Feature: "Google Reader added a new feature that lets you share posts in other services: Twitter, Facebook, Digg. The feature is opt-in, so you need to go to the settings page, click on the 'Send to' tab and pick your favorite services.

After selecting an item, use the keyboard shortcut Shift+T to quickly open the 'send to' menu. Google Reader opens a new tab when you choose one of the 'send to' options and most of the necessary information it's already pre-filled.

If your favorite service is not included in Google Reader's list, you can add it from the settings page by clicking on 'Create a custom link'. Here's how to add a 'send to' option for Google Bookmarks.

Name: Google Bookmarks
URL: Reader's 'Send to' Feature
Icon URL:

And here's how to use AddToAny, a service that lets you select between many social sites.

Name: Add to Any
URL: Reader's 'Send to' Feature
Icon URL:

Google Reader added two other options: you can now subscribe to sites added to your contacts' profiles and mark as read items older than a day, a week or two weeks. The second option is useful if you have a lot of unread items and you only want to read the recent news. As you probably know, Google Reader automatically marks as read the items that are older than a month and this can't be changed.

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