Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Auto Mounting in ubuntu

Mount Drivers Automatically when login in linux
(tried on ubuntu)
1- mount all drivers manually by just double clicking on them.
2- Run System Monitor from the menu System --> Aminstration --> System Monitor
3- Go to the File Systems tab
4- write down each Device name and Drirectory in a file.
5- open terminal
--> sudo -i
and type your password
6- unmount all devices
--> umount /media/Directory
Directory got from the previously saved file.
for all directories.
7- make folders in /media by the names of your drivers
--> mkdir Directory
directory: e.g. /media/DATA
try to avoid spaces in the Directory name.
8- --> gedit /etc/fstab
append the following lines to the file
Device Directory ntfs
defaults 0 0
to the file
repeat as Device, Directory: got from the previously saved file.
9- --> mount -a
to reset and test auto-mounting.
10- Enjoy auto-mounting when system starts.

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