Monday, December 28, 2009

Mozakerty is now online

Mozakerty is now online: "

What is Mozakerty ?

A new tool for communication, collaboration and interactivity between student members and the teaching staff.

What is Mozakerty for ?

  • Establishing studying community to ease studying online and Share information.
  • Discover a new way of studying, scheduling, and organization of study materials.
  • Making resources available for every one.
Why Mozakerty ?

  • Tired of papers ?
  • Tired of unorganized documents everywhere ?
  • Some questions are repeated over and over again ?
  • Is there new lectures ?
  • What will be delivered this week ?
  • Want to be notified of new events and lectures ?
  • What is tomorrow schedule ?
  • Want to share questions, answers, notes ?
  • Want a new way to study ?
Here is the solution: Mozakerty

What exactly does Mozakerty stand on ????

  • Model ? we already have one.
  • Forum ? we already........etc.
  • Group ? we ....bla bla bla
  • Social community ? we have facebook, twitter, ....etc.
What about All of these features in a new way to study ? Moakerty.

Mozakerty is developed by me and 5 of my friends (5 months working)

for more technical info on Mozakerty visit this site's page here.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Microsoft Security Essentials Ranks as Best-Performing Free Antivirus [Antivirus]

Microsoft Security Essentials Ranks as Best-Performing Free Antivirus [Antivirus]: "

Anti-malware testing group not only gave Microsoft Security Essentials a top rating for malware removal, but now they've given it their best ranking in their performance test as well. ran a series of real-world tests running through common scenarios like downloading, extracting, copying, and encoding files, installing and launching applications, and they also ran through an automated testing suite as well. Once the dust had settled, it became clear that not only is MSE one of only three products that both blocks and removes malware well, but it's also very light on system resources.

Out of all the products tested, Microsoft Security Essentials was the best-performing free antivirus solution, and one of only two that received 'very fast' on each of the real-world tests, earning it their top award: an 'advanced+' ranking. We've been telling you for a while that you don't need to pay for Windows security, and now with MSE ranked alongside the top paid apps in both malware removal and performance, you might want to consider making the switch.

Hit the AV-Comparatives link for the full report in PDF form, or check out the PC Mag story for the overview—if you can deal with some irritating in-text ads.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Google Chrome Gets an Adorable New Ad [VIDEO]

Google Chrome Gets an Adorable New Ad [VIDEO]: "

chrome osWith Google Chrome now available on the Mac, there’s more buzz than ever around Google’s speedy, lightweight browser. Now Google in the UK has created a 4-minute introductory video for would-be Chrome users, featuring pin-boards, graffiti and even some knitting.

We think it’s fantastic; clearly huge amounts of effort went into what could have been another boring introductory video.

What do you think: Is this better than a screencast? Let us know in the comments.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Faster apps for a faster web: introducing Speed Tracer

Do you ever wonder what's going on inside the browser when a webpage doesn't load or respond as quickly as it should? Many developers do, especially when trying to build powerful web applications for their users.

But up until now, it's been difficult for developers to identify problems in a slow-to-respond application. So, tonight at Google Campfire One, we're happy to announce that we're adding a new tool to Google Web Toolkit called Speed Tracer.

Speed Tracer is a Google Chrome extension that enables developers to identify performance problems in their web apps using a 'Sluggishness Graph,' in combination with many other metrics. In the spirit of clean, simple design, developers need only look at the Y-Axis of their application's Sluggishness Graph to see how they're doing:
  • If the y-axis is close to zero, then the app is fast
  • If the y-axis registers around 100%, then the app is, well, sluggish
And in either case, Speed Tracer provides lots of additional data to help diagnose any particular performance issue.

We think developers will find that Speed Tracer looks under the covers of web applications like never before. In fact, we even used Speed Tracer to optimize the performance of Speed Tracer itself! (It's really an HTML5 application after all, built with Google Web Toolkit, and deployed as a Google Chrome extension.) If you're a web developer, download and install Speed Tracer on the Google Chrome Developer Channel.

This is one of many other improvements in GWT 2.0 — which we released at this evening's Campfire — that make building web applications fast, and the applications you build run even faster. Check out the Google Code Blog for more information and to watch our Campfire One developer announcement.

Posted by Bruce Johnson, Engineering Director

Join this group: Google Groups joins Google Apps

Blogs, wikis, social networks, YouTube and Twitter are changing how many of us connect with others. Yet within most businesses, especially large corporations, the software hasn't evolved much over the last decade. While traditional business technologies give companies the necessary security and controls, they do so at the expense of rapid innovation. Businesses shouldn't have to make this compromise.

This is one reason why customers are so enthusiastic about Google Apps. It offers enterprise-grade security and control while letting businesses instantly tap into a swift stream of innovation, based on services tested by hundreds of millions of people around the world. We've launched over 100 improvements to Google Apps in the last year, and the pace of innovation continues to increase.

Today, we're happy to announce the launch of Google Groups to Google Apps Premier and Education Edition users. Google Groups is one of our most widely used applications, enabling everyone from the local hiking club to the family next door to create mailing lists and discussion forums. Now employees within a company can create groups for their departments, their teams or their projects. Employees can use these groups as mailing lists, but they can also share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, calendars, videos and sites with groups, instead of many individual recipients. They can choose to receive communications directly to their email inbox, in a digest format, or in the Groups forum view, and can access all the information in the groups archive, without the intervention of an IT administrator.

Google Groups is a boon for IT administrators too. After enabling the new service from the administrative control panel (add 'user-managed groups'), users can start managing their own groups without burdening administrators for support. Administrators can still set group policies and manage other group settings. If you want to learn more, check out our post on the Enterprise Blog.

Google Groups is just one of the many consumer features that we've tailored for the enterprise since we launched Google Apps for businesses nearly three years ago, and we're looking forward to bringing more innovation to our customers in the months and years ahead.

Posted by Rajen Sheth, Senior Product Manager, Google Apps