Friday, September 18, 2009

Microsoft starts Office Web Apps preview

Microsoft starts Office Web Apps preview: "

Microsoft's online efforts against the likes of Zoho and Google Docs has officially kicked off - with Redmond announcing that they're slowly rolling out a Technical Preview of the online applications for your and I to test. Initially, the testing places are limited - and as it's really a Beta, some things will potentially not work (or missing entirely in the case of OneNote).

Keen to ensure we don't write off this (admittedly-late) foray into the online office arena, Microsoft is of course working hard to remind folks why Office Web Apps is different from Google Docs: the ability to seamlessly move from the desktop apps you know to 'The Cloud'. As the desktop integration is something that Google hasn't really focused on (and, let's face it, Google aren't the ones with a pre-eminent office suite to integrate with), the Web Apps are planned to be fully integrated with the forthcoming Office 2010 release.

If you're feeling plucky and want to get using the Office Web Apps preview, Microsoft are now accepting signups via the Office 2010 website - and plan to release Office Web Apps officially early next year. You'll need Windows Live Skydrive to get involved in the Technical Preview, and Microsoft are intending to make OneNote Web App and other services available 'at a later date'.

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