Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fireshot Screen Capture Software For Internet Explorer and Firefox

Fireshot Screen Capture Software For Internet Explorer and Firefox: "

internet explorer 8Every operating system has its fair share of screen capture software programs. Even the good old PrintScr key is sometimes used if no other software is available to do the job. Programs that work specifically in web browsers are rarer but still available. Fireshot is one of them. It is a screen capture software for both Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and the Mozilla Firefox web browser. It has several interesting features that might make it worth a try next to the fact that it is available for the two most popular web browsers that are currently actively developed.

It adds itself as a toolbar button which can be used to trigger the screen capturing process. It is possible to capture the visible area of the browser window or the entire website. This leads to another menu with options to edit, save, print, upload or email the captured area. It is furthermore possible to open the output directly in an external image editor.

screen capture software

Fireshot comes with a basic editor if the edit option has been selected. This opens the screen capture in a new window that contains a preview and buttons in an header area. It is possible to add text or images, highlight areas, add annotations or pointers to the screen capture.

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Every option can be customized. The font, size, alignment and typographic elements like bold, underline or italic can be customized for example when adding text to the screen capture. It is then possible to use the same export options that are available directly from the Fireshot button.

Fireshot could be an interesting screen capture software for users who only need to take screen captures of websites. The only negative aspect is that the edit window of the free version of Fireshot blocks the web browser window. Firefox for Internet Explorer and Firefox can be downloaded from the developer’s website.

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