Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Marginize :Don't browse alone!

One day we got this call from Ziad Sultan, a young and enthusiastic entrepreneur from Boston, MA, and he had this crazy Idea. His vision was to create a margin to websites… creating an augmented or meta web, where people can share their thoughts in real time on any website. eSpace created a team working very closely with Ziad, and over the months the startup, Marginize was created, enrolled in TechStars, and a mere three months later graduated being the only company succeeding in raising the money it needed even before the end of the event. The aspiring story about Dharmesh, a very successful entrepreneur and angel investor, sending his interest to invest in Marginize through marginize was the talk of the community in Boston for a while now. Around the same time as the TechStars event, which eSpace had the privilege to attend and catch on the fever, Marginize was featured in TechCrunch and a featured app for Google’s Buzz.


Download it.

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