Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Google Browser Chromium Alpha For Linux

The team that is developing the Open Source version of the Google browser for Linux has finally released the alpha version of the Internet browser. The Chromium for Linux version was in pre-alpha stage for quite some time. Even the pre-alpha versions of the Chromium web browser were fairly stable but the alpha release marks a new milestone in the development.

The new version of the Google browser is still lacking several features of the Windows counterpart. Some of the most important features that are still missing are plugin support, printing, complex tab dragging, complex text and Google Gears support. The release notification contains a notice that additional parts of the web browser are incomplete and that users should keep this in mind before installation.

Interested users find information on how to add the Chromium builds to their Linux distribution at theofficial Ubuntu Chromium Daily Builds website. Let us know your opinion on the new version of the web browser if you are a Linux user and installing the Chromium build on your operating system.

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